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The Laugh Lines

He was once asked how he still manages to stay in love with his spouse even after they were old, wrinkled and grey. They stood around, expecting a reaction more than a response from him. It was fun for them, but it was the story of his life.

He wasn't angry or surprised or moved. He looked up with the same sparkle in his eyes he had 27 years ago, took a sip of tea with his now trembling hands and set the half empty cup aside. He looks at them, gasps in the pause and get on to tell them the story that will be imprinted to their hearts.

When he first met his wife, he thought she was crazy beautiful. However, he wasn't truly in love with her then. He didn't know her, but saw her from afar. To him, she was like beautiful art, truly gorgeous.

Then he got to know her. They became the best of friends first. Not an intimate relationship, just friends! He then learnt that she was truly beautiful inside too. That is when he began to fall in love with her. It was not because of her …