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The Truth About Forever!

Finally got a chance to sync up once again with this wonderful couple (Let’s call them the Mosbys, as they are old school folks who despise an online presence!). I have kind of known them for years now . . but when life happens, distance gets the better of you. . . .So when I met them again, it got me  to reflect and pen down why I revered them so much. They are warmest people you will come across. They are no Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, but they are certainly one of the most idyllic duos I have ever met. The story of how they met is for some other time, but over the years they have been the reason many, including me, have have learned what it takes to be there for the people who matter and instil a sense of hope. Their simplistic and effortless chemistry will make you believe that even when things are not going as you have expected,  the universe has a better plan for you. Making something work takes a lot of time, energy, effort and patience and these two gems will remind you of that every single time. Well, keeping their identity out of the picture for now, let me tell you what I have distilled from their lives. 

They recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. . . . 30 years! These lovely folks have been married for 30 years. That’s a long time based on modern standards.

Here 's the essence you will derive if you know them well enough:

  •       Perfect relationships exist! You may never find your Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect, but if you find that one person whose crazy matches yours....Everything will be perfect and just right.
  •       After years of communicating with each other, you eventually develop a seventh sense where both people will have two separate conversations about two completely unrelated topics ....But you will still understand each other.
  •       Find someone who makes you laugh and they will never stop making you happy. . . . . then again, find a partner who will laugh at literally anything and your job gets easier :)
  •      Good relationships require patience, agreement and support . . . . but mainly, no interference. After a point of time, you basically let each person do their own thing . . . like she binge watches Netflix while he is scrolling on Facebook.
  •       If you have kids . . . raise them well! Give them what they want, show them the world (they will thank you for all the trips later) but most importantly . . . after sometime...become their best friend! Talk to them. Support them no matter what, and believe in them! The Mosby kids certainly wouldn't be who they are without such amazing parents!
  •       Your choices will be different, but you will learn to co-exist beautifully. He takes 3 hours to decide which movie he wants to watch....and then he passes out. She spends 3 hours watching any trash . . . and then she watches him pass out. He wakes up early . . . She sleeps till tale. He has no self-control when it comes to food. . . . She has no self-control when it comes to shopping. He loves cooking . . . She loves him cooking! 
  •       Life will throw a dozen curveballs at you . . . Make sure both of you are ready to hit back together. I have known them to navigate their greatest loses and their biggest achievements alike, their steadfast nature in moments of happiness and sadness, as well the fleeting anxieties of everyday life will just amaze you. Problems are always going to happen, just as life does. Knowing you can face them together keeps a bond strong and healthy.
And I could just go on . . . The fact is that great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems. They’re great because both people care enough about the other person to find a way to make it work. 

If you are lucky you already know or will get to meet them someday. Cheers to the Mosbys!



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